29 Feb 2024

Maharashtra State Table Tennis Association

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National Reg. not required for existing National Players
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District :Dharashiv
Photo Player Name Date of Birth State Reg No National Reg No
MANGESH SURVE 2004-09-05 MH000633
Krushna Aher 2006-03-07 MH000667
Anil Aher 1964-08-19 MH000671
Wilson Dalbhanjan 1958-08-08 MH000676
Kartik Gajare 2008-04-09 MH000677
Ishan Bhadange 2010-11-18 MH0001281
AYAN SHAIKH 2008-05-20 MH0001295
Vihan Shewale 2014-01-28 MH0001297