29 Feb 2024

Maharashtra State Table Tennis Association

User Manual
National Reg. not required for existing National Players
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District :Beed
Photo Player Name Date of Birth State Reg No National Reg No
Rajwardhan Shingare 2007-06-14 MH000405
Shouryawardhan Shingare 2012-12-17 MH000406
Arav Bhosale 2017-01-23 MH000613
Anushka Kothari 2009-05-23 MH000616
Sayali Jadhav 2005-07-31 MH000619
Aalam Siddiqui 2015-12-20 MH000620
Gaatha Dorle 2015-07-05 MH000630
Tejas Mutkule 2013-03-12 MH0001043
Rohit Badgujar 2011-03-22 MH0001317
Shambhavi Khadke 2010-11-25 MH0001320